Red Arrow Tech

Our suite of proprietary technology helps you generate leads, close loans, build relationships and satisfy borrowers.

Red Arrow Ignite

Red Arrow Connect

Our CRM and marketing portal, Red Arrow Connect, makes it much easier for loan officers to build their brand and generate more business.

CRM functionality

Easily connect with and market to all of your clients and referral partners in real time.

Email campaigns

Generate and schedule both one-off emails and auto-campaign drips.

Instant co-marketing

Automatic co-branding is available across all media types–flyers, email, direct mail and more.

Print and web marketing

  • Expansive print library for both co-branding and custom single branding
  • Web marketing – property websites

Lead capture apps

Point of sale lead capture for events and open houses

System integrations

  • Zillow – lead aggregation and tracking
  • Outlook 365 – track engagements with contacts in one place

Red Arrow Speedway

Toto–your pipeline in your pocket

Proprietary tech for the LO to better manage their team and their pipeline so they can close more loans with less stress and more free time.

Yellow Brick Road Report

A daily pipeline report used by loan officers to manage the daily workflow and monitor the performance of their POD.

Loan Beam

Optical Character Recognition tech that reads tax returns, extracts data and calculates income.

  • Saves time and eliminates mistakes via automated income calculation
  • Identifies missing pages and schedules up-front to complete doc collection
  • Know your borrower qualifies today, and at closing

Auto App

Automatically discloses the app package to the borrower with the click of a button.


Mobile-friendly pre-qualification tool gives LO’s access to their loans with the ability to generate and send pre-approval letters. It's your pipeline in your pocket.

Red Arrow Experience

alt text

For the customer, our tech provides a blow-away experience that makes the mortgage process simple with automated, online tools. And for Loan Officers, it saves time from having to write loan applications and other administrative tasks.

Intuitive Loan Finder

Borrowers and agents can find the perfect mortgage fast with real-time rates and custom sorting based on what's important to them: lowest monthly payment, shortest term or lowest rate.

Digital Mortgage

Guaranteed Rate’s first-ever online application provides customers with actual credit scores, automated underwriting and a real loan approval.

Save time on every loan by letting buyers perform the front-end functions, resulting in:

  • Streamlined process
  • Faster closings
  • Top-notch customer service from the LO


Our secure document collection portal enables borrowers to upload their documents online anytime, anywhere–it makes identifying and requesting any additional docs from the borrower quick and efficient.

Automated Asset Verification

Automated bank statement gathering and account syncing makes asset verification easy.

  • Eliminate borrower provided bank statements
  • AUS integration verifies sufficient funds for Cash-to-Close and Reserves
  • Update statements and balances at the push of a button

And we're constantly innovating...

eSigning, automated income integration and four-hour full underwriting approval are just some of our recent upgrades.

Red Arrow Partner

Gateless, the world's greatest agent coaching site

Build more realtor relationships and strengthen the ones you have with Gateless - our dedicated agent site that is stocked with tools and coaching to help your referral partners grow their business. There are currently over 100K agents on Gateless.


Gateless is the greatest coaching site on the planet. It gives you free, unfiltered video-based coaching from the top 1% of agents in the country.


Provide your partners with instant online access to incredible co-branded resources designed to keep them, and you, top of their client's minds with tools like Property Flyers, Enjoy Magazine, widgets and more.

Loan Status Monitor

Enable your referral partners to track all of their client's loans from pre-application to closing with an intuitive, online interface.