Build Your Biz

Personalized Marketing

personalized marketing
Your past customers, friends and family are your sales force–Guaranteed Rate helps you ignite that database with personalized emails, postcards, flyers and more.

Social Media

Social media
Using targeted, cost-efficient models to reach your chosen audiences, our social media team enhances Loan Officers' presence and relevance in social media to drive more business.

National Brand

National Brand
Our national brand campaign is focused on establishing credibility and name recognition with real estate agents, borrowers, and referral partners so they feel utterly confident in doing business with Guaranteed Rate Loan Officers.

Customized Events

customized events

Focused on helping the LO build strong personal relationships with the top 20% of real estate agents by hosting events multiple times per month, our dedicated National Events Team will assist you with planning all of your custom events.

We know how to party

  • 3,800 events per year
  • 93% of loan officers would recommend the events team to a colleague
  • Monthly and quarterly stipends

From creating invitations to taking care of every detail, the team covers the entire event, start to finish.

Business Development

business development
No other bank or mortgage company in the country has a business development team so dedicated to growing your referral business.  Working with a Business Development Manager, loan officers get expert help managing referral partner relationships, from booking simple coffee conversations to organizing lunches and larger events.