Be a Rainmaker

The Proactive POD Model

Guaranteed Rate invented the proactive processing model based on doing as much as possible on the front end of the process, so that there is always a quick clear to close.

Focus your time on the most important tasks that grow your business.

Hear more from Drew Stacey about how the POD model changed his business.

Quality of Life and Incredible Growth

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"I’m happier. I’m involved with the symphony, non-profits and I work out all the time. None of this was possible when I was having to bird-dog every file from start to finish.”
–Dianne Crosby
2017 total funded volume:$117M

Underwriting and Closing

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We have a concierge level of service provided by the best Underwriting and Closing Department in the country:

  • Closing funds are sent the day before every purchase so no one is left waiting for a wire.
  • The closing package is sent the day before, and Guaranteed Rate closers make a personal call to the title company closer or attorney to ensure they have everything they need.

Specialty Teams

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In-house experts who turn lemons into lemonade–taking out the unnecessary red tape and making difficult things easier.

  • Condo Department
  • Builders and Renovation Department
  • Panel of appraisers
  • Integrated title and insurance companies

Seamless Transition


Our dedicated team ensures LOs have a soft landing so they can come in and immediately write loans, without getting hung up on transition details.

Learn more about our seamless transition from Bruce Salik.

  • Startup - Our LOs receive a startup kit, help managing their databases and a Consulting Vice President who will handle the licensable activities throughout the transition.
  • Customized business transition plan - We ensure our LOs have quick access to training and support from all departments.
  • Marketing plan - Ignite your customer and referral databases with a customized marketing plan from day one: moving announcements, personal website, social media.